EL Zapato was  designed by noted architect Jeff Shelton who is quite well-known around Santa Barbara- there's a full architectural tour you can take starting from EL Zapato  when you arrive. There are at least 10 other buildings within walking distance that are unique and wonderful.  Jeff's style is a whimsical combination of Dr. Seuss meets Gaudi and below you see some of the original concept drawings for El Zapato:


Make sure to visit Jeff's website and take the self guided walking tour while visiting. There is a large blow up map of the tour in the garage or on the website.
This is a picture of me and Jeff Shelton on the rooftop of El Zapato the day I revived my permit to occupy the house- a very happy end to a long, three year process which started with a rental of the Ablitt tower and falling in love with Jeff's unique architectural style.