You may have noticed that EL Zapato is covered with whimsical characters that are happy Maine lobsters!
Whenever the architect, Jeff Shelton, designs a building for a client he often makes a unique new tile that is the owners request- in this case I requested a Maine lobster because I'm from Maine. I grew up going to Maine every summer to see my grandfather on the New Meadows river near Bath and Brunswick. All of my family lives there and my great grandfather had a farm still partially owned by family. I love Maine and you will notice there are touches of Maine throughout the house -notably the paint by number collection of Maine lighthouses that decorate the Lobster Studios. (Those are all retro paintings done in the 1950s and 60s by people on vacation who loved Maine as well) Visit the paintbynumbermuseum.Com - the creative work of a wonderful friend who gave me all the paintings from her collection. If you decide to come to El Zapato I will enjoy meeting you and if I miss you I'll likely be visiting Maine pictured below:

And you may recognize me as I often  wear red  converse high tops as I travel the world. Red Shoe Living is putting on your red shoes and living every moment while trying to give back.
Hope to meet you!